Monday, September 07, 2009

BYU 14 OU 13

UPDATE: Oops. Cougs get crushed by Noles 54-28. Ouch.

UPDATE II - IT GETS WORSE: The Noles get beat the next week by South Florida 17-7. At home. Ouch again.

UPDATE III - AND WORSE-ER: The Noles lose to Boston College 28-21, and OU falls to Miami 20-21. One big owie.

'Poned 'em like newbs.*
[Owned them like newbies]

(Recently-returned missionary, McKay Jacobson, catches game-winning touchdown pass from returned-missionary Max Hall against Oklahoma Sooners 5 September 2009 in the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium.)

(Jacobson celebrates game-winner with returned-missionary teammates, Andrew George and Dennis Pitta.)

"Some will say that Oklahoma lost their star quarterback [Sam Bradford] and tight end [Germaine Gresham], but BYU lost their star running back [Harvey Unga] and defensive signal caller [linebacker Matt Bauman -- BYU was also without starting left guard Jason Sperendon, and had an offensive lineman, Matt Reynolds, and defensive back, Brian Logan, playing with broken hands]. They will say that Oklahoma had two turnovers, but BYU had four. They will say that Oklahoma had 12 penalties, but BYU had 10. It was an ugly brawl. Those clean-cut, married, returned missionaries from Provo slugged it out man to man with the Oklahoma Sooners, and beat them." -- Trevor Matich (former BYU offensive lineman, 1984 national championship team), from DN story

"BYU also had to overcome four turnovers (to Oklahoma's two), but the Cougar defense ensured that those miscues would not be fatal. After BYU's four turnovers, OU scored a touchdown (35 yard drive) and a field goal (22 yard drive), but on the other two occasions, the defense came right back and forced a turnover going the other way.
"It's only one game, but I think it's safe to say that this BYU defense is going to be very good. The fourth-quarter goal line stand was epic, but look closer at this:
"Oklahoma had 16 offensive snaps in the fourth quarter, for a total of 26 yards. That, my friends, is an average of 1.63 yards per play. When the BYU defense was most needed, when the energy supplies should have been at their most-depleted, the Cougar defenders sucked it up and shut the Sooners down. ...
"BYU's game-winning fourth quarter drive (16 plays, 78 yards, 8:38) joins 'Beck-to-Harline,' '4th and 18,' and BYU's two game-ending blocked field goals as defining moments of the Bronco era. Sure, there are others (the win at New Mexico in 2005, the win at TCU in 2006, the back-to-back shutouts in 2008), but in terms of 'chips down, gotta have it' plays, that series of plays in the fourth quarter versus OU was the embodiment of grit and determination, and may be the drive that defines this team. You could also say the same for the goal-line stand that preceded it; one led to the other, and they fit together well.
"Of the Cougars' fourth-quarter drive, OU defensive coordinator Brent Venables said: 'They just executed and we didn't.'" -- Voice of the Cougars, Greg Wrubell, from "The Cougars are TOUgh EnOUgh" on Cougar Tracks blog

"It's time to salute the defense [of a program] better known for lighting up scoreboards. ... BYU flustered Oklahoma into a blizzard of penalties and jarred loose two fumbles from a team that lost only one all of last season." -- Pat Forde, from ESPN's GameDay Final

"Sam Bradford and the Sooners: a sling and a prayer. ...

"Bradford threw for only 96 yards in the first half. OU scored 10 points in the first half with him, three points in the second half without him.
"The Sooner defense played well enough to win, even counting the game-winning touchdown drive it allowed in the fourth quarter. Fourteen points shouldn’t be enough to beat Oklahoma.
"But it was Saturday night, when the Sooners were hurting even before Bradford went down." -- From Daily Oklahoman

"QB Max Hall guaranteed win over Oklahoma and he delivered." -- From Daily Oklahoman

"There will be a lot of talk about how BYU won this game only because Sam Bradford got hurt, and that might be true. Even BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall admitted that the game changes if the Heisman winner is in.
"But give credit where credit is due. Oklahoma still has a pair of future NFL running backs in Chris Brown and DeMarco Murray, and it still has a defense that has the talent to be among the best in America, even if it didn't play like it in the clutch.
"There's no question that the Sooners played a bit down when their superstar went down, but this was supposed to be when everyone else stepped up their game. Even with Landry Jones under center, Oklahoma is still better and more talented than BYU (sorry Cougar fans, but it's true), but it didn't matter. Max Hall still had a great 329-yard performance and came up with the drive he had to in the fourth quarter to make the upset possible.
"Also give credit to a defense that held the Sooner ground game to 118 yards. Give credit to a BYU offensive line, which was supposed to be the weak link coming into the game, that held an NFL-style Sooner defensive line in check. Now the table is set for BYU, and now it's time to talk national-title shot even though it's only Sept. 5. This wasn't Boise State beating Oregon at home, this was beating Oklahoma in Dallas. Welcome to the 2009 college football season. It's on." -- FOX Sports, from "CFN: Bradford injury hurt OU, but BYU earned win"

See game highlights by Furious Monkey (CAUTION: soundtrack lyrics may be offensive), downloadable here. (150 MB)

UPDATE: Furious Monkey highlights streaming here on YouTube.

KSL TV highlights, interviews, and commentary -- here.


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