Saturday, May 20, 2006

One drop at a time...

InstaPunk outlines the steady drip, drip, drip of MSM anti-Bush coverage that now fills an ocean. This in spite of the Taliban's defeat in Afghanistan and the deposing of Saddam, no post-9/11 terrorist attacks in the U.S., and a booming economy.

I can't help but reflect on my lost Clinton-hating years. Being anti-anything seems to be a complete waste of time. Much better to build than destroy, to be for something rather than simply against something or someone.

Hugh Nibly wrote these words in 1974 at the end of his essay "Beyond Politics":
On the last night of a play the whole cast and stage crew stay in the theater until the small or not-so-small hours of the morning striking the old set. If there is to be a new opening soon, as the economy of the theater requires, it is important that the new set should be in place and ready for the opening night; all the while the old set was finishing its usefulness and then being taken down, the new set was rising in splendor to be ready for the drama that would immediately follow. So it is with this world. It is not our business to tear down the old set -- the agencies that do that are already hard at work and very efficient -- the set is coming down all around us with spectacular effect. Our business is to see to it that the new set is well on the way for what is to come -- and that means a different kind of politics, beyond the scope of the tragedy that is now playing its closing night. We are preparing for the establishment of Zion.
Hugh Nibley, “Beyond Politics,” in Nibley on the Timely and the Timeless, BYU:. Religious Studies, 302.

I seem to be tiring of politics. I haven't blogged much on it recently. More on Apple computer and other sundries. My heart's not in it.

Probably because I've been very busy at work and (although I have spring and summer terms off) bishoping. Maybe it's also because those activities have given me perspective, or at least a different perspective.

What am I for?

After 9/11, I am for the Global War on Terrorism.

I am for Operation Iraqi Freedom and building democracy in the Middle East, in Iraq and in a Palestinian State (and elsewhere around the world).

I am for fighting for freedom and the sacrifice (including death) required "to make men free."

I am for cataloging phone calls and monitoring oversease phone calls to prevent another terrorist attack in America.

I am for helping developing countries find prosperity.

I am for pressuring the Mexican government to improve economic conditions in that country so that Mexicans won't have as much of a reason to cross our border illegally.

I am for the beauty of this earth, the bright light of a clear morning, the glory of spring, and the golden touch of sunset on billowy clouds.

I am for the heart, and for the mind, and for the spirit.

I am for good humor.

I am for friends and family.

I am for husband, wife, and children.

I am for motherhood.

I am for life.

I am for chastity, fidelity, and wholesome entertainment.

I am for honesty and integrity and civility in personal and business dealings.

I am for accountability for dishonest leaders.

I am for my son serving a mission to preach the Gospel (he is currently awaiting his call -- should come in the next ten days).

I am for the power of the Atonement of the Savior and the quiet work of redemption in my student ward members' lives.

I am for spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ as the only hope for this world.


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Thanks for posting that. It has made me think about some things in a different way.

Thanks -

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