Friday, August 05, 2005

J. Grant Davis, M.D. - Rest in Peace

My little sister's husband, J. Grant Davis, was killed in a glider accident yesterday afternoon near Driggs, Idaho. They had just taken their son to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) on Wednesday and were in our home afterwards. We're still reeling from the shock. He was a good, kind, thoughtful, and generous man.

The heritage of sacrificial service continues: after being told of his father's death, Elder Max Davis decided to stay at the MTC and continue his mission, although he will fly to Rexburg on Monday to attend his father's funeral and will return to the MTC that night.

"Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince, And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!" (Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 2)

Obituary here.


Blogger Garry Wilmore said...

Brief, but well-said. The Hamlet quote seems appropriate. I won't be able to attend the funeral, but will be there in spirit, and in addition will be in touch with Mindy shortly.

Speaking of Mindy, a quote by Wallace Stegner has come to mind during the past couple of days as I have been thinking of her and this tragic situation. Stegner was no friend of Mormons, but in his book about the trek west, he wrote, "Their women were incredible." How right he was, at least on this point. And Mindy is incredible. (So are your mother and your wife, for that matter.)

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