Tuesday, February 22, 2005

PBS Frontline's "A Company of Soldiers"

Watched the whole thing tonight. Get's past the headlines and news view from 30,000 feet. Up close and personal. Shows the real danger. One of the troops repeats the perennial Army line: "I'm not here to give my life for my country. I'm here to make sure the other poor b*****d gives his life for his country." Shows fog of war, the reality of losing a comrade. Depicts how our best intentions in fighting the insurgents in an urban/populated area is fraught with unintended consequences (i.e., civilian casualties and animosity). But shining through is the courage of our troops trying to do a horribly difficult job. Reminds me of my friend Col Ted Parsons' favorite sign at a checkpoint on Balad Air Base in Iraq: "Polite, Professional, Prepared to kill". Check out the PBS site for the show here.


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