Sunday, June 04, 2006

Demolition derby, Stan's, and MI-3

My wife's parents are living with us while they remodel the home they just bought in Provo. We spent yesterday tearing out wallpaper, carpet, cabinets, tile, a few walls. Builder brother-in-law Pete and his twins, Hunter and Cole, drove out from Denver and he oversaw the demolition. Brother-in-law Gabe and his friend Mike came down from USU. David and his friend Austin, Jed, Caroline, Lauren, and Elaine (from work) all did an amazing job. We got a ton done.

After cleaning up, we went to Stan's for dinner. It's been in business since the '50s -- a class drive-in. Burgers and fries and shakes.

Then we went to see Mission Impossible 3. The perfect summer movie. Action. Pure adrenaline.

Great day.


Blogger Garry Wilmore said...

Glad you had such an enjoyable weekend. This explains why I haven't heard much from you lately!

9:03 PM  

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