Friday, July 14, 2006

Islamofascists sabotage Mideast democracies

It's no coincidence that the current fighting in the Middle East is in the three fledgling democracies there: Gaza, Lebanon, and Iraq. (Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan for pointing out Thomas Friedman's observation -- which is locked out to NYT nonsubscribers).

Why do radical Islamist extremists oppose democracy? Why indeed.

One reason is the President has it right: democracies do not sponsor terrorism, do not attack their neighbors. Create democracies, defeat terrorists.

Another corollary: Islamofascists are enemies of freedom. They are more radical than their political ancestors the Nazis -- they are suicidal in their hatred of freedom.

How do you destroy such enemies without destroying the hope for democracy in the countries where they operate? It is, indeed, a fight to the death.


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