Saturday, January 06, 2007

Christmas redux

We had a wonderful holiday.

My son Jed gave me the components of the perfect shaving kit: Nancy Boy shave cream

a Vulfix badger hair brush
and Trumper's Limes Skin Food
My chrome dome never had it so good.

The only issue I have is with the "Nancy Boy, Inc." shave cream. It has a lovely lavendar/peppermint/rosemary scent and provides for a clean, close shave. But the name, the San Francisco home base of the company, the pale blue flower logo, and the note on the tub ("Tested on boyfriends not animals") does give one fair pause.

As Shaveblog notes, "not exactely the kind of manly-man accoutrement the typical repressed shavegeek craves when he swings the medicine cabinet door wide." Indeed.

The fam also gave me a new 30GB jet-black video iPod:

With an ultra-thin TEAC CD-X10i stereo (CD player, AM/FM radio, iPod dock, digital clock):

My wife put on the card that she had planned to give me the iPod in spite of all of my recent whining and hinting...

The stereo was an unexpected bonus. (I said, after I opened the iPod, that sometime I'd like to get a boombox or stereo to go with it. I didn't notice my wife and kids rolling their eyes...)

My son set up the stereo at my office. Wonderful!

Rumblin' bass from the subwoofer, clean sound from the two ultra-thin speakers. And a remote.

I've also discovered Podcasts. I've subscribed to the Podrunner podcast for my daily exercise-bike ride. I've also enjoyed NPR's All Songs Considered. I thoroughly enjoyed Focus On the Family, especially instalment 2 of "Delighting In Your Spouse's Differences" ("Men are are waffles, women are spaghetti"), and This American Life (from WBEZ in Chicago).

Also videopodcasts like MacBreak.

It's a brave new world. Better shaving, thousands of songs and a dozen podcasts in my pocket, and a new toy at the office.

Life is good.


Blogger Garry Wilmore said...

This post was the last thing I read this morning before fixing my breakfast, waking up Vanessa, and going forth to take on the day. I'm glad you had a great holiday, although I gather you have been quite busy because it took you a couple of weeks to get around to reporting it.

I tend to concur with your comments about that shaving cream, which I have never tried myself but will probably avoid, based on the same considerations you mentioned here. As for shaving itself, a lot of men hate it, but quite honestly, I have never minded it at all, and am constantly looking for the perfect razor, shave cream, brush, or whatever. And I figure the ritual is simply part of the price of being a man, particularly one who, like myself, does not care much for facial hair to begin with.

In fact, I recently had a conversation with Monir about the shaving habits, or lack thereof, of Iranian men. She surprised me by saying most of the younger Iranian men do shave regularly. Then I told her I shave virtually every day, even on Saturdays, with a view to making my face as "kissable" as I can. A moment later, a smiley-face icon appeared on my YM screen.

6:10 AM  

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