Saturday, February 17, 2007

Root Causes

In Salt Lake City on Monday evening, 18 year-old Sulejmen Talovic came home from work, took a shower, drove to Trolley Square, and, using a shotgun and handgun, methodically killed 5 people, wounded 4, and traumatized thousands in seven minutes.


It was an act of terrorism. Besides the deliberate random killing, that seemed to be the objective: to terrorize. Heroes killed him and stopped his killing.

Why? Why do terrorists kill? A political statement? An expression of rage? Mental illness? Despair? A means to a glorious end? Forced "suicide"?

It isn't known (yet) where the 18 year-old got the weapons and ammunition. But those were only the means to an end. More important is - where did he get the idea that germinated into action?

For me there is no satisfactory answer.


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