Friday, June 22, 2007

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Critics claim "Bush lied, and people died."

Listen to Democratic leaders before the war.


Who's lying now?


Blogger Danica said...

Hey guys! Danica Nelson here, from Fillmore Spencer fame. I saw your blog link on Cristin's site and I wanted you to know I loved this post. Interesting stuff you have on here - great work! Congrats to Jed! Heard he's hitched...we're doing well in Philadelphia. Living the life (right). Zack's done with his first year of dental school at UPenn and is now doing research for the summer with one of his professors and watering the greens of a local golf course in the mornings to get free golf all summer. :) Carson is growing like a weed. Well, like a small weed (he's less than 5th percentile for his weight, haha). If you want to see pictures, you can check my blog at Take care, guys!!!

3:53 PM  

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