Friday, July 25, 2008

Miami Dolphins - 4 LDS players served missions

Nice story in the Miami Herald about returned LDS missionaries John Beck, John Denny, Shawn Murphy, and Kelly Poppinga:
''People always talk about testing yourself to find out what you're made of,'' Beck said. '[Dolphins] Coach [Tony] Sparano talks about, `I want to find out what this team is made of, I want to put challenges in your face to see how you're going to react.' Those of us guys who have been on missions, that's a difficult time. It's not easy. It's kind of like training camp for two years.''

Said Murphy, a guard, ``It's two years where you put your life on hold and help out with the church and spiritual things. Also, in the community, you walk around and try to help people out. You try to spend two years in service of other people instead of yourself.''


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