Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama -- First Inaugural Address

I hadn't heard an entire Obama speech -- until today.

I confess: electrifying!

I think I understand a little better "Obamamania."

May God bless our new President and our country.

Peggy Noonan has it right:
And this has grown old, and maybe it's the last time to say it, history moving so fast, but there's something we all know so well that we are perhaps forgetting to see it in the forefront. But a long-oppressed people have raised up a president. It is moving and beautiful and speaks to the unending magic and sense of justice of our country. The other day the journalist John O'Sullivan noted that 150 years after slavery, a black man stands in the place of Lincoln in the inaugural stands, and this country has proved again that anything is possible, that if we can do this we can do anything. That is a good thing to remember at a difficult time.

UPDATE: Charles Krauthammer disagrees with my reaction to the speech. Mark Steyn calls the speech "brilliantly dull." E.J. Dionne has a different take.


Blogger Garry Wilmore said...

I must agree with Krauthammer that this inaugural address left something to be desired, not because it was bad, but because it could easily have been so much better. Say what you will about Obama, he is a compelling speaker, with an excellent command of the language. Words, especially when presented by one who knows how to deliver them, can move and inspire and even make history, and Obama knows this. I told my daughter to pay attention to this speech, thinking it would be one for the ages, but she and I were both a little disappointed by it.

4:21 PM  
Blogger Garry Wilmore said...

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11:28 PM  
Blogger Garry Wilmore said...

Not only that, but at the inaugural balls, the First Couple's dancing sucked as well. They could certainly do worse than to hire Miss Angie as an official White House dance instructor, now that she will be leaving the Fred Astaire studio in less than a month.

11:29 PM  

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