Monday, February 02, 2009

Katrina? Meet Kentucky

Where's FEMA? Where's Obama? Where's the media?

Read all about it -- at Pajamas Media (the blogger consortium formed after "60 Minutes" used forged documents in a story critical about President Bush's National Guard days -- the "guys in their pajamas blogging in their living rooms" derided by the mainstream media). Read the whole thing -- and the links in the PMJ story.

PMJ's lead paragraph:

"Last week a massive ice storm struck the heartland of America, leaving at least 42 dead and millions without power or water. Days later there are still over a million people in Kentucky who have no power, no water, and no communications. They could have to survive this way for weeks! The conditions are dire and getting worse, with some storm survivors carrying pails of water from creeks. Thousands more are living in shelters with no timetable for returning home. FEMA is nowhere to be found."

PMJ's conclusion:

"The fact that President Obama is 'living large' while Americans suffer is no lie. So where is the collective outrage over his callous disregard for the lives of those who reside in a state that does not worship 'The One' and which did not deliver any electoral votes last November? Where are the calls for investigations from the Congress? Perhaps the Democratic Party leadership is too busy sharing cocktails with the president at the White House to notice the ongoing tragedy in 'flyover country.' Or maybe they just share his contempt for the 'white people' living in those areas where people cling desperately to their guns and Bibles while their government ignores them."



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