Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obama iconography

Gave a "Trademarks 101" CLE at BYU Education Week this afternoon.

In that frame of mind, interesting takes on Obama's iconography:

Line by line takes candidate Obama's statement and shows dripping, drooping red ink lines resulting from President Obama's ballooning deficit. "Change we can believe in" indeed.

Bill Whittle at PJTV examines the phenomenon of the candidate's "O" logo superseding the presidential seal. Unprecedented. It still seems to be all about marketing. No surprise, since the Obama campaign paid over $300M for advertising by David Axelrod's firm (now presidential advisor David Axelrod).

Hmm. Not a good sign when your central symbol is made an object of contempt.
Such high hopes. Such radical change.

A changing tide perhaps? Perhaps.


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