Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Change we can believe in

Specter's loss makes it 0-4 for Obama: Deeds (VA), Corzine (NJ), Coakley (MA), and now Specter (PA) -- Democratic candidates in blue (or purple) states the president campaigned for -- who lost.

This just in: Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D AR) forced into a runoff. She voted yes on Obamacare, while Arkansans are 2-1 against it.

Here's the White House's expected spin: "This isn't about dissatisfaction with the performance of the 44th President. Oh no. This is about demanding change in Washington - the very same change, by gum, that Barack Obama has been working so hard to bring about!"


As Mr. Bennett says in Pride and Prejudice: "You may think that, Mary, if it gives you comfort."

No comfort come November. Americans are voting against Washington. "Washington" now means President Obama -- and incumbents who have been going along.

Our ancestors shed blood carrying flags with the slogan, "Don't tread on me." Message from the tea party: "We're coming to take our government back."

UPDATE: Fred Barnes agrees: not anti-incumbent, anti-Obama.


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