Thursday, January 13, 2005

Heroes real and imagined

I found this article by Rich Lowry on the National Review website this morning. I agree with what he says about Sgt. Peralta. I also agree with his comments about the soldier who was lauded by the media for daring to pose a "tough question" to Mr. Rumsfeld during the Defense Secretary's recent trip to Iraq. (I don't even recall that soldier's name, a fact which in itself suggests both my feelings about him and about the media types who extolled what he did.) I find it reassuring that there are still authentic heroes in the world, and discomfiting that the media fails to recognize them for what they are.


Blogger Barney said...

Perception is apparently everything. The media is an echo chamber. The troop who asked Rumsfeld about armor was put up to the question by a reporter. In other words, it wasn't "heroic." He was just parroting a question planted by a reporter. Appreciate Lowry's post on Peralta's heroism. Read first about him on a link from Instapundit. Let's hear it for blogs, and Blogfather Glenn Reynolds.

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