Tuesday, March 15, 2005

God's World News

We have homeschooled all of our kids at one time or another. They attended a British school (Little Thetford Village CE [Church of England] Primary School) while we lived in England for 3 years, and were all above grade level when we got back. (Here's a report from a 2003 inspection of the school; we were there over 10 years ago, but it's still going strong with headmistress Mrs. Jane Phillips -- how can you go wrong with an address on "Green Hill", next door to the Anglican Church and surrounded by thatched cottages?). We got started for academic reasons, but continued for a variety of reasons including the negative socialization and peer-dependence that seemed inherent in public school. Our oldest son homeschooled from 6th grade through high school and is on an academic scholarship at BYU. Our oldest daughter homeschooled until high school, and then went to a private school until graduation and is also at BYU (had scholarship offers elsewhere). Our youngest son has been homeschooled, private-schooled, and public-schooled (is currently homeschooled) and starts BYU in the fall. And our youngest daughter has done nothing but homeschool -- she's 11.

I rediscovered, while having a late lunch at home this afternoon, her latest edition of "God's World News" (not to be confused with "Weekly World News"). It's a great resource and seems suprisingly evenhanded (although unabashedly quotes Bible verses related to its top story on global warming). I heartily recommend it. (I also strongly recommend Highlights magazine: my daughter and I have a ritual before bed the day it comes -- first hidden pictures, with different colored pens to outline and initial the hints for the ones we each find, then jokes, then riddles -- she always reads me the jokes and riddles). Enjoy!


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