Saturday, February 03, 2007

Smith Fieldhouse 2/2/07: BYU men's volleyball experience

I went with my father-in-law to watch #1 BYU v. #2 Cal Irvine last night at the Smith Fieldhouse. The place was literally packed to the rafters -- over 5,700 people in a building with a listed capacity of 5,000.

It was so loud your ears rang, and you couldn't just hear it, you could feel it.

After the Cougars won the first game, a group directly across from us unfurled a banner that said, "God still cares about you."

Not to be outdone, a group of students next to us wrote a single letter on several pieces of notebook paper and held them up together: (top row, centered, letters in blue) "B - Y - U" (next row down, letters in black) "A - N - T - (in blue) B (in black) - E - A - T - E - R - S". The person with the blue "B" shook it up and down. Cute.

The Cougars swept the visiting Anteaters 3-0 -- the Y's seventh consecutive sweep (they've only lost a single game so far this year). The same two teams play again tonight.

Rodnei Santos goes up for a kill:

UPDATE: Anteaters win tonight's match 3-2. Maybe fans shouldn't have held up the "God still cares about you" sign last night -- pride goes before a fall. Interesting to see who's ranked #1 on Monday: BYU, who swept UCI Friday, or UCI who took five games to beat BYU tonight.

UPDATE: BYU's still #1 with 11 1st place votes to UCI's 3.

UPDATE: BYU was swept last night by Cal-Baptist 3-0. Does that mean God cares about the Baptists?

UPDATE: After going 9-0, BYU has now lost 4 straight matches falling 3-2 to Pepperdine on Thursday, and getting swept by the Waves 3-0 today. Does God still care about the Cougars? :-(


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