Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Blogging has been light the past couple of months. I've been busy finishing up as Bishop of the BYU 68th Ward. I was released 20 April, and sustained as second counselor in the BYU 4th Stake presidency the same day. President Tracy Ward is the stake president, and President Brad Wilcox (popular EFY ["Especially For Youth"] speaker) is the first counselor.

Lance Reynolds (BYU assistant head football coach) was sustained to replace me as Bishop of the BYU 68th Ward. He'll do a great job.

I already miss the one-on-one contact with members of the ward. I've seen their lives change, and they have changed mine. I've learned that we worship a merciful God and that he truly is mighty to save.

My biggest fear when I began serving as bishop was interviews and counseling. It's turned out to be my greatest joy and the thing I'll miss the most, even though we conduct plenty of missionary and temple recommend interviews as a stake presidency. But it's not the same. Bishops do the hard work and heavy lifting to prepare their members before they come to see us.

I'm glad to keep serving on campus.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Steve Ballmer uses MacBook Pro for Microsoft presentations


Source: Flickr

UPDATE: Another one with Ballmer, MS CEO, in the picture: