Thursday, May 31, 2012

Obama bundler Corzine steals $1B from yawn

Insight here. From the comments: "Just imagine if Corzine was a Romney supporter and 500K listed campaign cash bundler like he is for Obama! The media would be going nuts following the slightest turn in the story to keep it in the news almost daily until the election." Read the whole thing.

Romney 2012 isn't McCain 2008

Romney in front of Solyndra HQ. Pro-Romney crowds heckle Axelrod in Boston. Glenn Reynolds has the details: "I think I like the cut of this Romney fellow's jib."

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Attacks on Bain Capital "Central" to President's Re-election Campaign. Really.

Romney's private equity capitalism v. Obama's public equity crony capitalism: a fair comparison? Yup!

It's appalling and undemocratic to raise more money than the Obama campaign

Jim Treacher at Daily Caller explains.

Dinner with Barack

They'll cover your airfare -- all you have to do is buy his dinner...