Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obama and the race card

Glenn Reynolds has a roundup of news and opinion about the "post-racial" candidate knocking down racist strawmen.

His campaign denies that it thinks McCain is using Obama's race against him. But based on his stump speeches yesterday, the candidate sure seems to think so. (As is becoming all too common, Obama has it both ways: he can say it, and his campaign can deny he meant it: consistently that's becoming the ironic "Change We Can Believe In").

Changing the subject to race helps Obama avoid answering questions about his lack of any real experience that qualifies him to serve as president and sets up his opponents as stereotypical boogeymen. He's clever, and gives a great speech. But never in my memory has a candidate with such a thin resume been so arrogant about what he has to offer the world. And he seems to meet any criticism with race baiting -- while claiming to take the high road.

Not new politics. Old Chicago politics.

UPDATE: Roger Kimball asks "transcending" while "descending"?

UPDATE: Obama's campaign now concedes his "dollar bill" comment referred to his race. Yeah, duh!


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