Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drinking our own bathwater? Fox News v. MSNBC

Ron Radosh comments here on an article (" The Story Behind the Story") by Mark Bowden in The Atlantic. Key quote from Bowden:
Television loves this, because it is dramatic. Confrontation is all. And given the fragmentation of news on the Internet and on cable television, Americans increasingly choose to listen only to their own side of the argument, to bloggers and commentators who reinforce their convictions and paint the world only in acceptable, comfortable colors. Bloggers like Richmond and Sexton, and TV hosts like Hannity, preach only to the choir. Consumers of such “news” become all the more entrenched in their prejudices, and ever more hostile to those who disagree. The other side is no longer the honorable opposition, maybe partly right; but rather always wrong, stupid, criminal, even downright evil. … In a post-journalistic society, there is no disinterested voice. There are only the winning side and the losing side.
So it's Olberman and Maddow v. Hannity and Beck. No meeting in the middle. What's a "news" consumer to do?


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