Saturday, February 26, 2005

Lileks on iPod

You should read James Lileks all the time (he's in our set of links). Yesterday he wrote on, of all things, Apple's iPod and responded to criticisms about the iPod from an Instapundit link. Read the whole thing here.

It's Apple's clean design and tight integration between hardware and software that set it apart. When I got my first Mac (1984), people used to say, "But it doesn't run PC software!" And I'd say, "Yeah. And your point?"

The Mac OS is now a better citizen in the Windows world, and Microsoft Office is a superior product in the Mac OS (ironically) than in Windows. But for all the bucks Bill Gates generates from having a near-monopoly on world OS market share, you'd think Microsoft could come up with a less buggy and more innovative operating system.


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