Friday, February 09, 2007

Three visions: same temple?

After I posted some of Akiane's paintings, I was reading in Symbols in Stone (pp. 23-24) about John Taylor's 1845 vision of the temple of the New Jerusalem.

He dreamt that while he stood gazing with pleasure at the Nauvoo temple, "I saw another tower rising like unto the one that is on the west end of the temple, and immediately exclaimed to the person that I had before conversed with, 'why there is another tower.'

West tower of Nauvoo, Illinois temple

"And said I, pointing my finger, 'still further there is another, and yet another. We have not yet begun to see the whole.'" Then he saw a number of towers united with and part of a great temple.

Akiane's vision of "Supreme Sanctuary" (2006)

Circa 1844, Parley P. Pratt saw a similar vision of Zion (Symbols in Stone, p. 24): "In the midst of this city stood a magnificent temple, which, in magnitude and splendor, exceeded everything of the kind known upon the earth. . . . 'This' said the Angel . . .'is the sanctuary of freedom, the palace of the great King . . . .' . . . [There] was a large square surrounding the temple, and containing a square mile of land, enclosed with a strong wall of masonry, and ornamented with walks, grass plots, flowers and shady groves of ornamental trees, the whole arranged in the most perfect taste, and with an elegance, neatness and beauty, that might well compare to Eden."

Hmm. Three visions of the supreme sanctuary. All from the same source?

UPDATE: Here's what 11 year-old Akiane wrote about her painting, "Supreme Sanctuary": "In the new earth I believe there will be a place where each of us will be able to choose and create a sanctuary for worship. I believe that certain things will be somewhat similar to the earth and many things completely different. This is the garden and a mansion I would like to plant and build. In fact, the colors in the original painting are so unique and mysterious that it was almost impossible to reproduce them for the print reproduction."


Blogger Garry Wilmore said...

She is a uniquely gifted young lady, and your observations are interesting and thought-provoking. BTW, I send one of my Iranian friends a link to her website, but she was unable to open it.

10:56 AM  

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