Monday, June 25, 2007

Utah prison inmate escapes, kills officer, is recaptured

"Curtis Allgier, 27, is loaded into a police car after he escaped from and killed a corrections officer Monday, June 25, 2007, in Salt Lake City. The prison inmate stole a gun from a corrections officer during a medical appointment Monday and fatally shot him, authorities said. He also shot and wounded a person in a restaurant where he fled, police said." (AP Photo/Deseret Morning News, Scott G. Winterton)

Read more about the shooting, escape, carjacking, chase, and his recapture here.

Among his tattoos: "Skin Head" with a Nazi swastika centered between his eyebrows. Guy makes you a believer in demonic possession.

Prison's a good place for him. Maximum security would be an excellent idea.

Today's booking photo following his re-arrest:

UPDATE: He didn't mean to shoot and kill the officer, Allgier tells reporters. But his confession to escape means he can be tried for felony murder (death occurring during the commission of a felony).

UPDATE II: Allgier has been charged with aggravated murder (he'll have to explain how Officer Anderson was shot twice -- in the head and chest -- accidentally...), and 7 other felony counts (including three attempted aggravated murder charges). He's a poster child for the death penalty.

UPDATE III: Here's the story about a former Army paratrooper and grandfather of six who disarmed Allgier in the Arby's -- and has a slashed neck and stitches to show for it.

"I just wanted to get a sandwich," Fullerton said, smiling. "I didn't go there for my morning workout."

UPDATE IV: KSL reports today (23 Mar 10) that Allgier's getting married (jailhouse wedding, separated from bride by glass, no ring exchange, no kiss), and prosecutors announced they are seeking the death penalty if he's convicted of the murder of a corrections officer.

UPDATE V: Preliminary hearing held today (30 Mar 10); link includes photos and chronological links to stories about the case.

UPDATE VI: Allgier will stand trial for capital murder. Here he is at the preliminary hearing:


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