Monday, July 07, 2008

Kerry's Judgment

Bill Hobbs notes the sweet irony:

For Him Before He Was Against Him

John Kerry says that John McCain lacks the good judgment necessary to be president. Four years ago, Kerry wanted McCain to be his vice president. Oh, and McCain was right on the war, as it is becoming blindingly obvious to all but the most rabid partisans.

Last year, when everyone from John Kerry to Barack Obama was braying loudly that that the "surge" was doomed to fail, and when McCain was zooming toward oblivion in the polls, McCain declared his support for the surge, saying he "would rather win the war and lose the election."

That certainly sounds more presidential than Kerry's boast that he voted for funding the troops before voting against funding them. So you can understand why Kerry is bitterly lashing out at McCain - Kerry's a loser with, dare I say it, bad judgment."


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