Saturday, January 22, 2005

God and Presidents

George W. Bush, as we all know, is a religious man, and not just in the nominal sense. He actually takes his faith seriously and acts upon it -- a fact which drives liberals, media types, and the mavens of Political Correctness to distraction. So against that backdrop I present herewith, for the edification of one and all, this article, which I found in National Review while surfing my favorite websites this morning. Inaugural Addresses tend to be forgettable, but most -- including the more memorable ones -- have contained references to the Supreme Being, as this article points out.

Incidentally, I was surprised and pleased to hear Susan Graham perform at the inaugural ceremonies the other day -- and even more pleased that she sang "Bless This House." One is hard-pressed to imagine that being sung at, say, a Kerry inaugural, but it seemed perfectly appropriate for Mr. Bush's.


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